Linkedin Photoshoot

Date: Wednesday 28th July
Location: 6, South Street, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 2EL
Cost: £30.00 per person

After great success with our first LinkedIn photoshoot we have decided to hold yet another one on the 28th of July.

A good first impression encourages the viewer to read the rest of your profile. In fact, LinkedIn reckon your profile is 14x more likely to be viewed simply by having a profile picture. So, first of all, have an actual photo. No one will take you seriously if you have the default silhouette.

And think about this, when you prepare for a first time meeting, do you check the person out on LinkedIn first? It gentle chips away at credibility if there’s little resemblance. It’s important that your image isn’t two or more years out of date. But also, has your hairstyle changed? do you now wear glasses? Any of the above and it’s time for a new headshot. 

But what to wear? Suits and ties are great for many in the financial industry. What do people in your industry wear? If you are not sure, err on the side of dressing up a little.  Remember to look like yourself, but maybe yourself on your best day. 


Hire a professional to take your shot. They will get the lighting right and help you in your presentation & expression.  There is a misconception that because it is quick and easy to upload/change your photo, any digital pic to hand will do, if only for the time being… People will spend hours preparing their profile description, forgetting that the first thing a potential client will actually look at is their head-shot.

If you’re interested, please fill in the contact form in the footer, or call 01306 876 203.