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LW design, based in Dorking, Surrey, can assist the small business (SME’s) by providing the following printing services:

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Your image and brand is exposed each and every time any item of your publicity material is presented to your customers, both current and potential. Print is still the one of the most common way to communicate your message, products and services, so it is essential your printed materials are of an appropriate design and quality for your organisation.

At LW design we understand the need for cost effective print or high quality print solutions and we have two methods of delivering your print requirements.

Firstly, we have a bespoke print service for the unique and complex print requirements you may have, such as digital, spot UV, metallic inks, die-cutting shapes, items with unusual folding or items using an uncommon material.

Secondly, we can offer very cost effective printing by using our service.

Take a tour of the factory…

LW design holds the franchise for Dorking and the surrounding areas meaning we can provide a fast and economical service known as four colour process only (CMYK) litho printing. This is also known as batch printing and can give clients substantial have a range of over 3000 products, from the smallest business card to the largest posters, and all are great value. Plus the range is continually expanding to include promotional merchandise and presonalised workwear.

Monthly offers such as stationery packs or marketing packs give our customers even greater savings.

The LW design Print Service require LW design to produce print ready artwork to their exacting ISO standards. There are no reprographics intermediaries meaning that we are effectively the reprographics-house. As a consequence we oversee all the issues and processes associated with design for print and therefore manage and deliver our customers’ expectations accordingly.

We can also accept print ready supplied artwork and then facilitate the printing on your behalf. LW design has access to the online ordering system, meaning we can track your printing job from start to finish, keeping you up to date with it’s progress. Or you can register at and track the jobs progress yourself.

Our in-house bespoke service together with the franchise means LW design can confidently accept any print work of any description or quantity.

Environmental Printing

iso14001_logoAll’s processes are constantly refined to ensure minimum waste. What waste is produced, is separated into seventeen distinct streams for easy recycling or reprocessing. All waste paper is compacted to minimise transportation prior to being recycled. Printing plates are recycled and used chemicals are disposed of responsibly. Vegetable-based inks are used, pumped straight from large drums, rather than smaller cartridges in wasteful packaging. Many new products have been introduced which are printed on 100% recycled paper and, where possible, the rest of our paper stock is made from wood pulp which is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF).

Additionally, every order you place contributes to our great big goal of planting 50,000 trees with David Bellamy and Tree Appeal.’s management systems have been assessed by BSI Management Systems and we’re pleased that they fulfill the requirements of the Environmental Standards ISO 14001: 2004.

Have a look again at your own marketing material:

  • Is it professionally designed, consistent and cohesive?
  • Is the printing and material of a standard that promotes your company is a positive light
  • If so, is it appropriate and memorable?
  • How does your image compare to your competitors?

If you have concerns over any of the above issues you may need the services of LW design. We can work with you to resolve your image, brand or marketing material issues. We will create an appropriate image for your organisation and produce quality designed materials that you will be proud of.

Contact us to discuss your requirements on 01306 876203 or Email:

LW design Ltd – Professional Graphic design, Printing and Web design solutions.

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