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LW design, based in Dorking, Surrey, can provide you with a solution to keeping your website up to date and secure.

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Protect your websites with the best security available.


A Web Application Firewall stops you from getting hacked by identifying malicious traffic and blocking attackers before they can access your website. Wordfence, as explained in the video below, is automatically updated with new firewall rules that protect your website from the latest threats!


If hackers make a successful attack, they typically hide their malicious code in hard to find places on your website – However, Wordfence scans your site and corrects any issues found. To do this, it compares your core files, themes and plugins with what is in the repository and reports any changes to us.

Block Attackers

With the assistance of Wordfence, LW Design is able to quickly and efficiently dispatch site security threats by blocking entire malicious networks and any human or robot activity that indicates suspicious intentions based on pattern matching and IP ranges, and is able to fix the issues caused by hackers / hack attempts.

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