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Sometimes finding a website is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Search Engines have made it easier to search all the haystacks at once. Search Engine Optimisation makes your needle stand out more than the others.

Search Engine optimisation is a very important part of having a website. But SEO is less about tricking search engines into ranking you higher, and more about building your website in an honest and real-people friendly way.

Of course there’s certain tips you can use to help the search engines find you. Find our top ten below!

TOP 10 web page optimisation tips

Below is a Top-Ten list of checks we carry out to ensure our web pages will be indexed by a search engine:

  1. Make sure your domain name is relevant to your service or product. Try to buy a domain name with keywords in it as well as your name or company name.
  2. Save the webpage with a search engine friendly filename, i.e. website-design
  3. Match the filename to the page title.
  4. Include the page title in the meta tag “description“.
  5. Include the page title and keywords in the meta tag “keywords“.
  6. Ensure the page title is in the Heading One tag.
  7. Include, within a well written article, the page title keywords.
  8. Make sure you have quality content that will encourage the reader to read on or link to another part of your website.
  9. Link to appropriate pages within your website.
  10. Ensure links contain keywords and a title.

If you have any useful suggestions or tips we can add to this list, please do contact us.

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