“Expertise in UK regulated financial planning, aviation sales and corporate jet charter”

LW design where recommended to Charles Burchhardt via Aldous Wealth Management to help Charles create his personal brand and advertise his range of services.

We decided on Red and Grey as these colours are widely used in the Aviation industry. We wanted to incorporate a bird icon, to indicate travel. The ‘Heron’ was selected, based on the birds within the Burchhardt Family Crest. The Heron symbolises positive connotations including: Prosperity, Good Luck, Peace, Life and Independence.

The logo has been used for Charles’ website, Polo Shirts, Stationery and Business Cards. is now up and running. A big thank you to Lee Wayland of LWD Marketing Solutions for his patience and professionalism designing, creating and branding

His firm is certainly 5g compliant

Great company Great service, Great price, Great person and Great creativity.

Many thanks Lee

Charles Burchhardt


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